11 of the Greatest Cars and Trucks of the 1970s

Long before the late 1970s, Ferrari was Ferrari, winning racing and providing road cars to royalty and Hollywood royalty for decades. But it’s the mid-engined, V8-powered 1977 Ferrari 308 GTS with its removable roof panel, which debuted at that year’s Frankfurt Auto Show, that made the brand a household name. Blame Tom Selleck’s mustache if you want, but it was the beauty of the Pininfarina-designed 308, along with its relatively attainable pricetag, that created this monster.

This was and still is the everyman’s Ferrari. In the Disco days this is the car you bought if your drywall business took off and in the early eighties it became synonymous with stock brokers. Its success was so astronomical that it remained Ferrari’s best-selling model ever until its twice removed ancestor, the 360, became even more popular. More than 12,000 308s were built from 1975-1985. Compared to previous Ferraris that’s practically mass production. Today, they’re finally getting the respect they deserve, as prices climb. 

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