2016 April Fools’ Day: Morgan digs at Tesla, Mini’s scissor doors, more

Every year automakers go out of their way to come up with gags for April Fools’ Day. Sometimes the jokes fall flat, but occasionally a company really nails it with an idea that we’d actually love to see. Rather than scouring the Web for all of these stunts, you can find some of our favorites right here.

Morgan MOGrod

Morgan MOGrod

Morgan Motor Company’s MOGrod is one of our favorite April Fools’ jokes so far this year because it’s a car we wish could be real. The company
says on Twitter that the retro hot rod uses a 3.7-liter
Ford V6, and there
are already 250,000 preorders, which is a play on the huge number of reservations for the
Tesla Model 3. Morgan took the joke even further
by sketching a landspeed record version for the
Bonneville Salt Flats.

Mini Scissor Doors

Mini Scissor Doors

The people at Mini apparently have a lot of free time because the company has two gags this year. The first is the scissor door option. The idea cleverly plays on the myriad ways customers can customize their Mini, but this solution doesn’t look like anyone could easily enter the car due to the way these doors open.

Mini Hipster Hatch

Mini Hipster

There’s also the Hipster Mini, which is a much funnier idea. This fictional hatchback would be perfect for fashionable Millennials thanks to features like Instagram-filter windows and a fixed-gear drivetrain, which limits the top speed to 25 miles per hour. The interior uses stonewash denim upholstery and packs a twin-deck cassette player.

Skoda Dog Umbrella

Skoda April Fools

People love dogs, and owners know that a wet canine can be a mess.
Skoda is ready to tackle this problem with an umbrella for your mutt. Made from unobtainium, the gadget hides in the door when not in use, but when raindrops start falling, people can keep their pup dry.

Skoda Snowman

Skoda Snowman

Skoda’s Facebook page also teases us with a very cool vehicle. The Snowman is a 396-horsepower
plug-in hybrid snow machine. With its tracks, the company’s newest model would never have to worry about getting stuck in the winter.

Opel Adam C

Opel Adam C

Sure, electricity and
hydrogen are cleaner forms of fuel than gasoline or diesel, but
Opel has a way to make your car even more environmentally friendly – muscle power. Wind up the crank at the rear for 15 minutes, and the Opel Adam C is good for 125 miles.
GM’s European division also claims that owners get a great workout because a full winding session burns 400 calories. You wouldn’t feel guilty about picking up that pizza after cranking up this hatchback.

Opel Sewing Machine

Opel Sewing Machine

Opel boss Karl-Thomas Neumann also gets in on the joke
by tweeting about the company’s new sewing machine. It actually looks really good, and refers to the company’s heritage making sewing machines.

Honda Emoji License Plate

Honda April Fools

Honda wants to appeal to younger drivers in the UK, but rather than creating with an exciting vehicle to grab their interest, the Japanese automaker has emoji for license plates. The idea seems lame to us, but maybe we’re just too old.

MG Invisible Concept Car

MG April Fools

MG doesn’t appear to understand that April Fools’ Day jokes aren’t mandatory. If you’re not going to bother trying, it’s okay to skip the gag entirely. The company’s invisible
concept car seems like the result of running out of time to come up with a clever idea.

Fiat 5000

Fiat April Fools In the US,
Fiat is known for its small cars, and the company subverts that reputation with the Fiat 5000 – a
Fiat 500 stretch limo. According to the
Italian automaker’s tweet, there’s enough room for you and 25 of your friends. The 500’s front-wheel drive platform might actually make this idea realistically possible, and we think Fiat needs to build one for real at

Leisure Travel Vans’ autonomous RV

The autonomous RV from Leisure Travel Vans is an April Fools’ Day joke now, but this tech could probably exist in the real world in just a few years. This is probably a vision of the future of taking the family camping, and it looks like it could be a lot of fun.

Nissan NV Cargo Drift Van

Nissan shows that April Fools’ Day jokes don’t have to just trick people into thinking vehicles have goofy, new features. Instead, its Drift Van is one of the most exiting gags this year. Made in conjunction with
Car Throttle, the
NV Cargo becomes a gymkhana machine in this awesome clip.

Mazda Will Only Offer Automatic Gearboxes

Mazda April Fools

Mazda knows that it has a dedicated enthusiast fanbase because of models like the
MX-5 Miata and RX-7, and the company continues to offer manual transmissions as its competitors drop the ability to row your own gears. That makes
the tweet from Mazda Canada claiming to phase out manuals by 2018 an especially mean prank.

BMW xDrive Baby Boots

No one wants their toddler slipping and sliding everywhere, so BMW has the xDrive Baby Boots. They can detect when your kids starts to lose balance and react to adjust their weight distribution. The little shoes even come in pink.

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