2017 Jeep Compass ads navigate life for Millennials

Jeep kicked off an
advertising blitz Thursday for the
2017 Compass, pitching the attractive compact
crossover directly at the Millennial

The first broadcast spot, called
Recalculating, shows young people navigating life’s changes, including marriage, children, job moves, and more. A narrator intones «recalculating» – like a
GPS – at each life moment during the 60-second ad. Naturally, a
Compass would be a logical ride for all of these milestones, Jeep suggests.

«We expect its message of life’s journey moving us in many directions to resonate with our Millennial audience while staying true to the Jeep brand’s core value of freedom,» Oliver Francois,
Fiat Chrysler’s chief marketing officer, said in a statement.

The campaign will be shown during
Saturday Night Live,
Modern Family, and other popular television shows. Print versions will also appear in national magazines, and the campaign will include digital, cinema, and experiential elements. The blitz began in North America, but it will be a global marketing effort as the Compass is sold in a wide range of regions. The ads will be customized for local audiences. Four more 30-second spots are planned for launch in May. An
FCA US spokesperson declined to provide a monetary value for the campaign.

The Compass will also be a featured vehicle at the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival in June in Tennessee. Additionally, FCA US will showcase the vehicle outside its headquarters in Auburn Hills, Mich., with a multi-story wrap on the building (replacing the current
Chrysler Pacifica hybrid wrap). The Compass, which is on sale now, is
receiving positive reviews for its updated styling that echoes the
Grand Cherokee, increased storage space, and off-road capability.

Hawking the Compass toward the Millennial generation, which is young people in their 20s to mid-30s, is a logical move for Jeep, as the group is beginning to display increased buying power. The Compass is one of Jeep’s entry points. Customers could then theoretically stay with the brand as they age and their families grow, moving up to larger and more expensive vehicles, a longtime strategy employed by automakers.

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