2018 Ram 3500 takes the truck torque crown

In the neverending war for bragging rights between pickup manufacturers, Ram just picked up a big one. The new
3500 heavy duty has an updated 6.7-liter
Cummins straight-six
diesel that produces 930 pound-feet of torque. Not only is that a gain of 30 pound-feet of torque
over the outgoing model, but it’s more than the heavy-duty
trucks from
Ford and
GM. Specifically it makes five more pound-feet than
the 925 pound-feet of torque in the most potent Ford Super Duty, and 20 more than the Silverado and Sierra heavy-duty trucks
that make a maximum of 910 pound-feet.

Ram didn’t provide horsepower specs for the new
Cummins engine, though. The outgoing engine made 385 horsepower. If Ram and Cummins were able to get such a large boost in torque, odds are that horsepower has also increased. There’s also a good chance that even with more power, the updated Cummins may not exceed the horsepower ratings of the Ford and GM trucks. The Ford is currently second place in power with
440 horsepower, and
the GM trucks have the most with 445. Final specs on horsepower, as well as pricing will probably appear soon, since the trucks will be arriving at
dealerships at the end of August.

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