2019 BMW Z4 will look like this, in a view taken from a patent filing

The new
BMW Z4’s official debut is still some months away.
Autoblog recently got to drive
a pre-production vehicle in France, but that one wore a camouflage pattern, like all the other
Z4 mules that have been spotted doing testing in various parts of the world. Now, the Dutch automotive website
AutoWeek got hold of some
patent image renderings that show the upcoming, Supra-related Z4’s flanks without any swirly patterns.

In the images, we see a cleanly designed drop-top that’s a logical evolution from last year’s
concept car into a production version. The enormous air intakes in the front bumper corners have been toned down, but the canted side strakes remain recognizable. Detailing is calmer in the rear end, too; it’s likely that these images show a base version with no visual M-Sport or M-Performance enhancements. That would explain why the rear bumper corners’ slats are little more than hints, compared to the ones on
the car Autoblog drove.

The new Z4 is slated to go on sale in March of next year, and it will be shown in
Pebble Beach in August. That will be followed by a display at the
Paris Motor Show in September, where its official power figures will be revealed. Our test drive earlier this month already mentioned the car’s single-turbo, twin-scroll three-liter straight six will be good for 382 horsepower and 369 pound-feet, but there will also be turbocharged four cylinder engines below the six. Toyota-derived
hybrid technology is also expected for the Z4.

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