2019 Toyota Supra goes on sale in 2019

We finally have a rough on-sale date for the 2019
Toyota Supra.
Toyota’s Australian branch
revealed that the car is slated to hit
dealers globally in the first half of 2019. And that’s not just an Australia-specific time frame, since the branch explicitly said it doesn’t have the exact time for sales there. This is also a very broad estimate for when the car will be available, but hey, it’s not bad for a car that we haven’t actually seen undisguised yet.

Speaking of which, we’re only giving a 50/50 shot that we’ll see the undisguised version of the
Supra at
its Goodwood Festival of Speed Debut. Toyota
Australia said that the car that will be there will just be a prototype. That could mean it’s a pre-production model in production spec shown without camouflage, or it could be the vinyl-wrapped car from the teaser image.

The good news is that we will actually see this
Toyota Supra go up the hill at
Goodwood. The chief engineer
Tetsuya Tada and racing driver Herwig Daenens will take it up the famous course. Hopefully we’ll get not just a good look at it in motion, but a good listen at
the straight-six that will power it and
the new BMW Z4.

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