2021 Toyota C-HR and Avalon get wicked with Nightshade Edition

The nightshade family of plants includes eggplant and potatoes, which have been used to feed humanity. In deadly nightshade form, the plant’s uses have included killing people, or seducing them. Toyota has the latter purpose in mind yet again for the 2021 C-HR and Avalon; based on a document CarsDirect says the automaker sent to fleet managers, the dinky crossover and the big sedan will join the Nightshade Edition family next year. The 4Runner, Camry, Corolla sedan and hatchback, Highlander, and Sienna already offer the dark-themed package. The Sequoia, Tacoma, and Tundra are going to join the dark side this summer for very limited engagements. Nightshade versions of the C-HR and Avalon will take the tally to an even 10 models.

The fleet document didn’t detail the package changes for the two new fraternity members. On the Camry, Nightshade means a black grille, window molding, mirror caps, door handles, shark fin, spoiler, badges, and 18-inch black wheels. The Corolla twins expand that with black rocker panels and diffuser inserts, and the Corolla hatch goes all the way with a black inner headlight frame and black lower spoiler.

On models like the Corolla and Camry, the Nightshade is based on the SE trim, but neither the C-HR or Avalon come in SE guise. We’d guess the C-HR’s middle XLE trim will volunteer for duty. In the sedan’s case, the Avalon Nightshade Edition will replace the Avalon XSE, which will be discontinued for 2021, making the new trim the middle step between the Avalon XLE and Avalon Limited. Getting dressed in darkness costs $700 for the Corolla hatch, $900 for the Corolla sedan, and $700 for the Camry. We don’t have pricing yet for next year’s C-HR and Avalon.

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