5-year old shows you how to change the oil in a Lamborghini

Well, color us impressed, this kid is starting out young.

Not only does 5-year-old Marcus «the mechanic» know how to change a car’s oil, he’s learned how to properly perform the particular maintenance procedure on a Lamborghini Gallardo.

Marcus’ parents clearly set out to ensure this kid has a proper upbringing as a gear head. Marcus doesn’t just point to the things that need to be done, either—he actually grabs the right tools, unscrews and removes the right parts, operates the lift, and ensures the Gallardo continues to be properly oiled up.

The Lamborghini Gallardo isn’t the simplest vehicle to change the oil in either, but if a 5-year-old can do it, so can everyone else. A special oil filter wrench is needed to gain access to the filter, and the oil needs to be drained from two separate locations. After removing the old filter, draining the oil, and putting a new filter on, Marcus fills the Gallardo up with fresh oil and lets the car run at 2,000 rpm for two minutes to ensure everything circulates to the right areas. And a final tip from Marcus? Make sure the oil level isn’t higher than the top mark on the dipstick.

There you have it. There’s really no excuse to not change your own oil now; a kindergartener is capable of performing the service on an exotic supercar. What’s holding you back?

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