Acura Updates NSX Concept For 2013 Detroit Auto Show: Video

Acura has unveiled an updated version of its production-destined NSX concept, which not only gives us a better indication as to what the final version will look like but also the styling of its interior. 

You may recall that the previous NSX concept unveiled at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show only showed the exterior, but this updated concept, unveiled again in Detroit, shows off a functional cabin lined in plush leather and soft-touch materials and featuring real metal elements plus plenty of carbon fiber.  

The layout is said to boast outstanding visibility, while the touch-screen interface, which remains in development, has allowed the cabin to have a clutter-free look.

The exterior design, meanwhile, appears to have received a few tweaks, possibly for improved aerodynamics. The front bumper gains aggressive new lines while a diffuser composed of carbon fiber sits below some new vents at the rear.

The grille also gains some carbon fiber highlights, and some of the surfaces have been cleaned up and look more streamlined. It’s clear Acura engineers have been conducting some wind-tunnel tests.

Acura is planning on simple surfacing for its new NSX, which, in combination with edgy details, are aimed at communicating a supercar attitude and a high-tech feel, according to the automaker.

Apart from these subtle changes, the latest concept is much the same as the original, however.

The new NSX, which is expected to be launched around 2015, is being developed here in the U.S. and will be manufactured at a new facility set to be erected in central Ohio.

It will feature a V-6 engine combined with a trio of electric motors and dual-clutch transmission, which will be packed in a lightweight, mid-engine platform delivering ‘through-the-road’ all-wheel drive. Acura anticipates that its new drivetrain, dubbed “Sport Hybrid SH-AWD,” will deliver handling performance unmatched by previous all-wheel drive systems.

Two of the electric motors power the front wheels independently and a third, integrated with the transmission and V-6, powers the rear wheels. Powering the three electric motors is a central lithium-ion battery, topped up with regenerative brakes.

The setup allows multiple driving modes, including electric- or gas-only modes, plus a hybrid mode calling on both electric and gas power and offering all-wheel drive capability. The sophisticated setup utilizes a bilateral torque control system to instantly generate negative or positive torque to the front wheels during cornering.

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