Arash AF10 is the new definition of overkill

What is it about the
Geneva Motor Show that attracts so many automakers to roll out
supercars with over a thousand horsepower? This year alone we’re seeing the new
Bugatti Chiron, a smattering of
Koenigseggs, and this, the Arash AF10. Only this one doesn’t just crest the millennium mark. It doubles it.

That’s right: according to
Arash – the small British outfit responsible – this
latest version of the AF10 packs a massive 2,080 horsepower. Nine hundred horses come galloping out of a 6.2-liter supercharged V8, while a quartet of electric motors kicks in another 1,180 hp. The sum total is about three times as much as you’d find in, say, a
Lamborghini Aventador, or nearly four times what
Porsche packs into a 911 Turbo. The strange thing is that it hardly goes any faster. 60 is said to arrive in 2.8 seconds before topping out at over 201 miles per hour.

Don’t get us wrong, those are some mighty impressive figures, and would have been thought impossible not that long ago. It just shouldn’t take that much power (and five transmissions) to get there. Which tells us either that the laws of physics – specifically the section on traction – can only be bent so far, or that it takes more resources than what a small outfit like Arash has to offer to not only make that much power, but make the most of it too.

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