Autoblog now has masks available in our merch store!

2020 is weird, right? Who could’ve ever guessed that a worldwide pandemic would affect pretty much every aspect of society, including fashion. Now, several months into (hopefully) the wildest year we will ever live through, the best current evidence shows that wearing a face mask helps prevent the spread of the coronavirus, and the current recommendation from the CDC is «that people wear masks in public settings and when around people who don’t live in your household, especially when other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain.»

Now, you can definitely wear the standard, doctor-blue, disposable face masks if that’s really your preference, or you could get a washable mask that looks at least slightly more fashionable. If you’re reading this, there’s probably a great chance you’re a car person, so we wanted to round up some of our favorite automotive-themed face masks to bring the slightest bit of fun to the otherwise incredibly strange situation we’re all living through. 

Autoblog Logo Face Mask – $12.49 ($9.99 when buying 4+) at

Autoblog now has masks available in our merch store

First up, we’d like to throw our own hat in the ring and announce that we finally have Autoblog-branded face masks available at our merch store on Redubble. Right now, we have a white mask with the logo and a black mask with the logo. These masks, like every mask on this list, are washable and reusable. We’re also offering them in standard size, teen size, and kid size, so if you’ve got a whole family of Autoblog readers, you can all get in on the action. Check out all our great products like tees, backpacks and coffee mugs at our store right here.

USAE Blue Mask – $16 at

1707654436 406 Autoblog now has masks available in our merch store

It would be tough to talk about automotive clothing without mentioning Blipshift. We’ve been huge fans of Blipshift for years, and they continue to impress us with their innovative thinking and impressive designs. This face mask from their site features the fan-favorite USAE design, using lug nuts and wrenches to supercharge the American flag. It’s available for $16 right here.

LTW Mask – $16 at

1707654438 105 Autoblog now has masks available in our merch storeHere’s another super-stylish Blipshift original. The color is listed as «Bavarian Racing Flag» and the description reads, «Shed every ounce you can except for what’s needed for basic protection, then go racing. It’s just that simple.» For the eagle-eyed among you, you might recognize this design as a tribute to the BMW E36 M3 LTW CSL. It’s a mouthful of a name, but it’s well worth a quick Google search to learn more about it if you’re interested in cool, old, fast cars. This mask is sure to spark up a conversation with any big-time gearheads in the vicinity. You can pick it up right here.

Milk Silk Outdoor Face Mask – $12.99 at 

1707654440 796 Autoblog now has masks available in our merch store

Sometimes we’ll feature a product that is super cool but has an absolutely awful name. This … ugh … «Milk Silk» face mask absolutely falls into that category. What does it mean? Why do these two totally innocent words squashed together provide such a deep sense of revulsion? We may never know the answer, but what we do know is that brand name aside, these masks have been in the top three sellers in the «Automotive» category on Amazon, consistently, pretty much since this whole COVID mess started. It’s a different look from the more traditional face masks you’ll see around, but hey, nothing wrong with that as long as it gets the job done. It comes in a one-size-fits-most configuration at 19 inches long and 9.5 inches wide, and the fabric is stretchy and breathable. Interested? You can grab it for $12.99 right here. Just don’t stare directly at the name.

Rainbow Cat Face Mask – $13.99 at

1707654442 838 Autoblog now has masks available in our merch store

Is this one of the loudest looking face masks you could possibly buy? Yes. Is this promotional picture hilariously and obviously photoshopped to show the mask in a real life situation? Also yes. Neither of those things takes away from the fact of how absolutely amazing this is, though. This mask is suitable for anyone, unless you hate fun. It’s super similar to the M*lk S*lk mask above, but this one is made of regular old, totally normal-sounding micro fiber fabric and has an adorable rainbow cat design. Seem like your kind of thing? Check it out here.

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