B&B Tuning Audi RS6 with 715HP

The sheer number of tuning packages for the new Audi RS6 offering more than 700hp (522kW) that has turned up almost overnight just goes to show how much potential the standard car’s 5.0L V10 has. Already we’ve seen such monstrous tuning kits from MTM and ABT Sportsline, and now we have the most powerful kit yet. The latest is from fellow German tuner B&B and the top spec package is rated at 715hp (533kW).

With the extra power on board, the RS6 will sprint from 0-100km/h in just 3.6 seconds and reach an unrestricted top speed of 320km/h. B&B offer several stages of tuning, with the first three levels developing 650hp (485kW), 670hp (500kW) and 700hp (522kW) respectively.

To reach these performance values, B&B uses a special race exhaust system (available with matte black and carbon finishes) with a high performance racing catalyst as well as a remapped ECU. Engineers also fitted a high-flow intake and uprated cooling system.

To optimize the handling, B&B offers stiffer sport springs that lowers the car by up to 25mm, and to finish it off B&B add a set of 21in forged alloy wheels.

715HP B&B Tuning Audi RS6

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