BMW considering family-oriented i car above the i3

Update: An earlier version of this story claimed BMW i product chief Henrik Wenders confirmed plans for an i5. A BMW spokesperson reached out to Motor Authority and stated that Wenders did not  confirm such a model.

There’s been speculation brewing for years that the next model spawned from BMW’s i division for eco-focused cars will be a more practical offering called the i5, meaning it will sit somewhere between the current i3 and i8 in terms of positioning.

Speaking with Car and Driver, BMW i product chief Henrik Wenders said the automaker was considering an i car positioned above the i3 but is yet to determine what form it will take.

“We are thinking of a new i model above [the i3] to attract families, and that means it must be capable of being the first car in the household,” Wenders is quoted as saying. “We are still working very hard on the usage concept, but this needs to be defined by the market and not by us.”

We’ve heard everything from a minivan to a sedan to an SUV for the new i car. It’s currently thought that the car in question will resemble a larger version of the i3 and mix elements of all three rumored bodystyles. What we do know is that it will stick with BMW i’s practice of using carbon fiber-reinforced plastic for the body and aluminum for the chassis.

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