BMW M3 Pickup–Not What You Think

A couple of days ago the Interwebs broke out in song over a vehicle spotted at the Nurburgring: a pickup version of the BMW M3. Marrying the most fanciful of auto-journo oddball car dreams, the carryall sports car looked like a Munich miracle.

Today, we have a new set of close-up shots of this oddball M3 and yes, it’s still not a prototype for a coming production car.

In fact, it’s not a prototype for anything, really. According to the sleuthing of Jalopnik, the car is actually a transport vehicle for one of the motorcycle racing teams based at the ‘Ring, used to haul parts around in style. It never leaves the compound.

Sad, but it’s still a sight to behold, and imagine what could have been. We’ll leave you to your reverie, though your love for this German ute will almost certainly be forever unrequited.

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