BMW ReachNow just became a full-fledged mobility services program

officially opening its doors with 370 cars in Seattle in April,
BMW’s ReachNow has made little expansions. It stared operations in Portland and grew to 760 cars. Today, it also announced that Brooklyn would join the list, and that the number of available
cars to share would climb to 1,030. But the big news is that the scope of ReachNow’s efforts has just grown tremendously.

Instead of just the original, short-term
car rental option ReachNow will now be able to do all sorts of things. These include:

  • ReachNow Ride: Similar to Lyft and Uber, this is a ride-hailing program where someone drives you to your destination. You can request a driver and set personal experience options, like setting a radio station or requesting silence for the ride. A pilot program will start in Seattle.
  • ReachNow Fleet Solutions: BMW’s version of Zipcar, but only for residents of specific apartment buildings. This is a station-based, dedicated car sharing plan and the first pilot will be in Manhattan, starting in a few weeks. It will be based at The Solaire in lower Manhattan and will use plug-in i3s exclusively.
  • ReachNow Reserve: Remember good, old-fashioned rental cars? This is like that, but a bit fancier. BMW’s longer-term rental service will let you schedule a particular model, which will then be delivered to you. You can keep it as long as you like, but we assume that if you’re thinking of not giving it back for a few months, you’re doing it wrong.
  • ReachNow Share: BMW saw what Turo (née Relay Rides) was doing and figured it was a good idea. With this program, you will be able to rent out your own 2016 or 2017 Mini for a minimum of two days, making you a bit of cash from your car when you’re not using it. This rolls out in December in Seattle, and ReachNow CEO Steve Banfield said that it may expand to other models in the future.

ReachNow currently have 32,000 members, and all of these services are available to them through the ReachNow app. For a «limited time,» new users can save the $39 registration fee as part of an introductory offer, and per-minute charges for the regular ReachNow service are 41 cents a minute instead of 49.

We will more on all of this after we sit down with Banfield later today.

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