BMW X4 Leaked, Detroit Electric SP:01, 30 Days Of F-Type: Car News Headlines

BMW’s latest remainder from its ongoing long division of models has leaked to the web: the X4 Concept. Calling it a Sport Activity Coupe like the X6, the new X4 looks to be a concept in name only–we expect to see a production version by the end of the year.

Detroit Electric’s SP:01 roadster has been revealed, and it’s another Lotus-based electric sports car. It looks a lot like the Tesla Roadster, it’s priced a lot like the Tesla Roadster, but it’s a touch lighter and less powerful than the Tesla Roadster. Interesting.

We’ve kicked off the start of 30 Days of the 2014 Jaguar F-Type. This month of comprehensive, in-depth coverage will give you the highs, the lows, the photos and videos, and much more on the hottest little luxury roadster to hit the streets in some time.

You’ll find all of this and more from around the High Gear Media network in today’s car news headlines, right here at Motor Authority.

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