Burger King testing Whopper traffic deliveries in Mexico City

Burger King might have just broken into an entirely new market. It’s called Hungry People in Traffic™ (HPT). For the first time ever, the Home of the Whopper tested real-time burger delivery to cars stuck in Mexico City congestion. The results were staggeringly positive, and BK is now looking to expand the trial service to new cities such as Los Angeles.

With the help of the We Believers agency, Burger King debuted «The Traffic Jam Whopper» in Mexico City, one of the
most-congested cities in the world. According to
AdAge, BK accomplished the feat with the help of several pieces of technology, including the Burger King app, real-time traffic data, Waze, and digital billboards.

First, real-time traffic monitoring helps BK determine the most congested areas and when they get the most congested. When these locations are within three kilometers (1.86 miles) of a Burger King, prompts are pushed to digital billboards and on banner ads embedded within the Waze traffic app. The ads will funnel interested parties to the Burger King app for ordering, which can be done with voice commands to avoid texting and driving.

When the food is on the way, the billboards will reportedly change to alert customers. The delivery people, who are shown riding
motorcycles in an AdAge video, will use Google Maps tracking to then deliver the whoppers straight to gridlocked cars.

Burger King says the service increased BK app downloads by 44 percent and increased daily delivery orders by 63 percent. Because it was so successful in its trial run, Burger King plans to try the service in L.A., Shanghai and Sao Paulo. Get the wet wipes ready, and keep in mind that
cars are not the cleanest dining rooms.

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