Car Emerges From Sea Foam, Nearly Hits Two Police Officers

When we talk about green driving, we don’t usually mean cars covered in algae.

It wasn’t crashing waves, gale-force winds or flooded streets that endangered two police officers patrolling in the aftermath of a cyclone in Australia. It was the driver of a ghost car of sorts that emerged from several feet of foamy froth on a beach and caught the two by surprise.

Check out the video above, which shows the car emerging from the frothy Coral Sea, prepared to take out the two officers and a few lingering pedestrians in the Australian town of Mooloolaba on the eastern coast.

And the next time you find yourself cruising down the highway through a blinding wall of sea foam, or perhaps a more generic flood, here are a few tips for keeping yourself – and those around you – safe:

1. The first, which the driver above ostensibly ignored, is to not drive on a flooded road (or, in this case, beach). Seek an alternate route.

2. A car can be swept off a road in 10 inches of moving water. Even if the water is still, you risk ruining your car engine.

3. If you have no absolutely no alternatives, gauge the depth of the water by letting other cars go first. Test your brakes before proceeding, and then go slowly and steadily through the water.

4. Keep an eye out for debris floating through the water, which could, at best, block your exit or, at worst, crush you.

5. If your vehicle stalls in the water, try to restart the engine and continue your exit. Keep in mind, starting the engine may destroy it.

6. If you’re absolutely stuck and the water level is rising, best to get on your roof and call 911.

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