Caresto V8 Speedster powered by Volvo

Volvo is not a big name in the world of hotrods, but when one of Sweden’s most skilled specialist car constructors is building a car, you can bet there will be some hometown influences. Pictured here is the Caresto V8 Speedster, a mid-engined car with an ethanol powered 340hp 4.4L Volvo V8 unit, designed and constructed by Leif Tufvesson.

Already a winner of the 2004 “Hotrod of the year” from Hotrod Magazine, Tufvesson decided to build a completely new car to showcase his talents on his own work. Tufvesson has previously worked for the Volvo Concept Center, and before that for Swedish sports car manufacturer, Koenig. Watch a quick video of the Caresto in action below.

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