Chrysler Crossfire not dead yet

An updated version of the Chrysler Crossfire will return next year despite previous claims that the car’s brief five year run was coming to an end. The 2008 model will receive only minor updates including a tire pressure monitoring system, with the first cars expected to roll off the production line this summer.

Chrysler did stop taking orders for the car in ’06 because of rising inventory levels but according to a spokeswoman, production never ceased. Sales in the US fell to 8,216 last year, down from the high of 14,665 in 2005, reports Automotive News.

Heavy discounting has seen the average Crossfire price less customer cash reach $27,526, down from the $34,495 price tag when the car debuted back in 2004. Still, Chrysler is happy with its sales results for the Crossfire and is keen to add a refreshed model to the lineup. “We’ve been outselling the Audi TT,» said Chrysler Crossfire engineer Allan Mecca. «In our mind, it’s meeting expectations.»

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