Chrysler open to more model sharing deals

Chrysler CEO Bob Nardelli has revealed that his company is open to sourcing more models from rival carmakers in its bid to offer more fuel-efficient models and adapt to changing consumer demand. Last month Chrysler signed a deal with Nissan to source the compact Versa hatch to expand its U.S. line-up in return for a large pickup truck, and depending on market conditions we may see even more product swaps.

Nardelli said that any further decisions would be based on market demand, and if Chrysler couldn’t build a model itself, it would have few worries of selling another automaker’s vehicle under its brand. He did not name any automakers.

Nardelli also claimed that Chrysler’s original measures to help turn around the carmaker’s financial situations were aggressive enough to ride out the recent fuel price rise and consumer demand shift. «We thought we were being extremely aggressive in our conservative view» of 2008, Nardelli told the Detroit Free Press. «As it turns out we may have been spot-on.»

Chrysler has reduced its workforce by 12,000 staff since August but according to Nardelli there are no plans for more drastic cuts in the near future. The same can’t be said for Ford, which confirmed earlier today that it could cut its salary workforce by up to 12%.

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