Classic Mini made electric for New York auto show

Mini didn’t have a new car to present at the 2018 New York auto show. Instead, it had an old one. A very old one.

The British brand unveiled a classic Mini on Wednesday in the Big Apple, one with an electric powertrain conversion.

Why, you ask? Mini will launch an electric version of its Hardtop next year. Prototypes for the car have already been spotted testing.

The electric version of the Alec Issigonis-designed icon is meant to convey Mini’s commitment to retaining the brand’s unmistakable character while embracing modern powertrain technology. We’re confident the instant torque of electric powertrains and low center of gravity by having batteries in the floor will help preserve the go-kart feel—smaller—Minis are renowned for.

Classic Mini with electric powertrain

Classic Mini with electric powertrain

No doubt the decision to go with the classic design was also in part to grab the attention of Brooklyn’s hipsters. There’s no missing the car with its bright red paint and contrasting white roof.

There aren’t any details regarding the powertrain, so we can’t say if the car is packing the same powertrain destined for the next year’s electric Hardtop. Some details however, like the yellow electric plug logo, will likely feature on the production model. We’re expecting a single electric motor at the front axle and enough battery capacity for a range of more than 200 miles for the car.

Production of the electric Hardtop will take place at plants in England and China.

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