Corvette Stingray gets Monopoly token treatment

We collectively rejoiced when
Hasbro decided to keep the racecar as a token for Monopoly, but now it appears car lovers will have a new game piece to hoard, on a new version of the classic board game called Monopoly Empire. Instead of vying for fictitious properties and railroads, Monopoly Empire allows players to duke it out for ownership of some of the world’s top brands; representing the automotive world in the new brand-focused game is the
2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray.

Just in case you lose the rock-paper-scissors battle to get the golden
Corvette (click the above image to enlarge it), there’s always a
Ducati waiting for motorheads to enjoy. Aside from the Corvette and
Ducati, other game pieces include a Coca-Cola bottle, an
Xbox controller, McDonalds French fries and a Paramount Pictures clapperboard.

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