Diamond-studded Bentley key fob by Amosu Luxury

Amosu Luxury, a company famous for making ordinary items such as mobile phones – or key fobs in this case – into lavish pieces of jewelery, has released a new diamond-studded key fob for Bentley vehicles. For the princely sum of £5,000 (almost $8,000) buyers of the Amosu Bentley key will get exactly 101 diamonds handcrafted onto the familiar Bentley winged ‘B’ logo.

The diamonds themselves are quite small, but the sheer amount of them means that in total the diamonds add up to 1.09 carats – a number you might typically find on a wedding ring or engagement ring. For those who may be driving luxury vehicles other than those from the Bentley brand, Amosu has created similar products for Lamborghini, Mercedes Benz and Ferrari key fobs as well.

Amosu Luxury is the brainchild of Alexander Amosu, who is a famous name in the UK where his line of R&B ringtones catapulted him to fortune, and his subsequent entrepreneurial ventures such as that with luxury phones has seen his list of clients include the likes of American rapper 50 Cent and numerous footballers and actors.

Speaking about his luxury phone business, Amosu states that “to have an exclusive phone that costs more than anyone else’s is like owning a Bentley as opposed to a Ford.» We doubt he’ll be releasing a diamond-studded key fob for any Ford models in that case.

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