Don’t Tell Chris Harris Not To Drift New BMW 435i: Video

The new BMW 4-Series is sure to be a polarizing machine. The average consumer of all things Roundel will gobble it up without thinking twice about the move from a 3 badge up to the 4. Enthusiasts, however, are likely to be split.

Gone is the beloved idea of a 3-Series coupe… even though it’s right there wearing a larger number badge. If it performs as well as the 3-Series cars of yore though, will either side really get too upset? Probably not. But how does it perform? Chris Harris (AKA He who lives life sideways) recently flew to Portugal to find out.

Harris was able to get time out on the street but he also took the new BMW 435i around the track. Before he set off, the BMW boffins cried «No drifting.» While in the car and driving neutrally, Harris explains that the eight-speed gearbox is fantastic, and the BMW grumble is still alive.

He goes on to talk about how its a great performer yet also feels a bit bland at the same time. There’s nothing special about the car despite it being a 306 horsepower rear-driver with that BMW badge. That’s typically a recipe for driving success. It is here too, on paper at least.

We can’t help but notice how underwhelmed Harris feels as he pulls into the pits. Oh… and he may have done a little drifting.


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