Driver Speaks Out After Gas Station Crash

Gilda Ramos crashed into a gas pump on Tuesday, starting a large and dangerous fire in Miami Beach, Fla.

«In my mind I thought, I can’t die this way,» she told WVSN-TV.

According to Ramos, she didn’t see a large yellow
Hummer waiting for a pump when she pulled into the Chevron
gas station and ended up cutting him off (Didn’t see a big yellow Hummer?). The driver honked his horn, which caused a flustered Ramos to hit the accelerator instead of the
brake, slamming her car into the pump, which then erupted in flames.

Ramos’ sister hopped out of the vehicle after the crash, but Ramos herself had become trapped. She kicked at the door and it eventually gave way, allowing her to escape.

Fortunately, gas station attendant Carol Smith took action as other motorists captured the scene on their cell phones. Smith was able to get to the pump in time to hit the «Stop Pump» button before the fire worsened.

«I’m glad to be alive and that my sister is OK,» Ramos said.

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