Dwayne Johnson developing Fast and Furious-like TV spinoff

Dwayne «The Rock» Johnson’s Seven Bucks Productions is working with Imperative Entertainment on a television show for Fox called
Boost Unit. The episodic scripted action drama is cued off of a real Los Angeles Police Department unit focused on LA car crimes. Those plainclothes LAPD officers work out of a warehouse and drive their own
cars, covering incidents from
car theft to drugs and bomb threats. The logline for
Boost Unit says it «follows the newest recruit of the LAPD’s Auto Theft Task Force, a notorious getaway driver with a hidden past.»

Two months ago,
Vin Diesel said the team behind-the-scenes of
Fast & Furious is looking at spinoffs, and Johnson has been fielding spinoff questions since just after the fifth movie. But
Boost Unit isn’t that, and has nothing official to do with the
F&F franchise.
Boost Unit has the same basic subject matter – fast cars and crimes – but it’s pitched as
Fast & Furious meets
Rescue Me, the hour-long episodic drama about a New York firehouse starring Dennis Leary.

There’s a long way to go before the show gets to air. Jonny Umanski and Zach Hyatt, who wrote the TV movie
The Keys, are working on the script. If that gets approved there will be a pilot, and if the pilot gets the green light there could at some point be a show. If it does get that far, Johnson won’t be in it except for the potential occasional cameo. For the moment he’s probably too busy working on
the Baywatch movie due next year.

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