ElfAnt OBD2 Car Dash Board Head up Speedometers Digital Display : Electronics

First time use

please insert the HUD cable into the OBD2 and connect it to the main unit.

Please stick the anti-slip mat behind the HUD and place it under the windshield and adjust the best viewing angle.

Rich display content: driving speed, speeding alarm, freely switch kilometers and miles

Please DIY cable to make your car more tidy. If you don’t understand, you can ask others for help.

NOTES: OBD2 model can work for OBD2 gasoline vehicles produced after 2004 in USA, and OBD2 gasoline vehicles produced after 2008 in other countries.

OBD2 model is not applicable for the following cars:

Incompatibility: American models: Dodge, JEEP, IMSEOER, Chrysler and cars manufactured before 2004 in USA

Incompatibility: French and Italian cars are not available: Fiat, Maserati, Lamborghini, DS, PEUGEOT , Citroen, Renault, Simca etc.

Incompatibility: Some Japanese cars are not available: Suzuki, Mazda 6, INFINITI (QX50 Q50 Q501), Toyota AVANZA in 2013, Lexus (is250, ex250, ES300H), Honda (jazz, CRV) and cars manufactured before 2008.

Incompatibility: Korean KIA and some cars of Hyundai (2013 Hyundai Sonata, 2017 KIA Soul PS, etc.)

Incompatibility: Hybrid and diesel vehicles, pickups, RVs, cars with modified automotive computers, Volvo, Switzerland, Chrysler Group, all brand models under Fiat Group.

Incompatibility: German cars before 2004

for the above cars can not use OBD2 models , please use GPS models.

Short press button: switch display content, switch water temperature, voltage, speed

Alarm sound icon on/off: Press the button down for 5 seconds, the alarm buzzer sound icon is turned off; press the button down for 5 seconds again, the sound icon is on


In the case of shutdown, the button will not be released for a long time, the power will be turned on, the RES will appear on the screen and it will be fully illuminated. Release the button to restore the factory settings.

HUD settings

The value displayed by the HUD is the internal value of the car computer. Since the display value of the instrument shipped from the car will be inaccurate with the calculated value in the car computer, you can enter the setting mode to fine tune the display value of the HUD to achieve the same purpose as the meter. When the HUD leaves the factory, the manufacturer will make adjustments according to the general test values. If it is found and the original car is not allowed, the following adjustments are made:

Enter the menu settings:

Press and hold the button for 5 seconds to enter the menu settings, short press the button to increase the menu value, increase/decrease the parameter value up or down. After adjustment, press and hold for 5 seconds to save and exit.

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