Fallon picks Ford F-150 King Ranch, launches dealership contest

truck! Jimmy Fallon of
The Tonight Show has been
searching for the perfect new truck for a few weeks now, soliciting help from all corners in the process. Last night, Fallon made the announcement that the
Ford F-150 King Ranch – in all of its cowboy glory – had been picked as his big winner.

To add some more spice to a storyline that now dips deeply into the realm of the advertorial, Fallon also announced a contest to see which Ford
dealership would get the privilege of selling him the King Ranch. Dubbed «Fingers on a 4×4»
The Tonight Show has invited 10
dealer reps from around the country to keep their hands on Jimmy’s
F-150 for as long as possible. Last salesperson standing wins.

Watch Fallon make his pick and introduce the dealer reps
below, and be sure to click on the second video for a live-streaming feed of Fingers on a 4×4 in action (the contest seems to be going strong).

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