Ferrari 458 Italia Does On-Track Tango With Itself

Two Ferrari 458 Italias battle it out on track

Two Ferrari 458 Italias battle it out on track

The media barrage for the 2010 Ferrari 458 Italia rivals a force of nature. From an oddball video with the King of F1 to in-depth features on styling, technology and more from Ferrari’s own experts, there’s been no shortage of media on the new supercar.

But this latest video gives us the first look of the car being driven hard, on track, and to make things even better, Ferrari puts two Italias on course at once. The resulting sounds, sights and–almost–sensations from the passing, re-passing and power-sliding are well worth the two-minute diversion from your Friday.

When you’re done looking at listening to the two cars at play, head over to Ferrari’s site at the link below to check out their new car building tool, and spec-out the Italia of your dreams.


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