Ferrari launches 488 GTB configurator

Though it may not be as expensive as, say, a
Pagani or
Bugatti, the bottom line is that most of us will never be able to afford buying a new
Ferrari. And most of those who can would probably get one already consigned to a
dealer rather than wait on the list. But we can certainly dream.

That’s where
configuration utilities come in, and Ferrari has just added the new
488 GTB to its
online customization tool. The system demonstrates just how deeply customers can specify every detail on their new Prancing Horse, from the exterior paint and interior upholstery down to the tiniest detail. Ferrari’s lets you choose the
color of the
brake calipers, the amount of carbon-fiber trim inside and out, the stitching on the leather seats, the color of the carpets and the seat belts. You can even play with the height of the sun in the sky to see how your choices would stand up to the changing light of day.

Play around with it first-hand and you’ll see, there’s really no reason any two should ever have to roll out of Maranello alike.

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