First Chinese car imported to North America built by… Honda?

The very first production car from
China has made it to North America, though it’s not what you might think. In an effort to move more of its production out of
Honda has begun manufacturing
Fit models in the People’s Republic and importing them to
Canada. There’s no indication that the vehicles will make their way to the U.S. in the future, however. While there are plenty of automakers who operate plants in
China, only a fraction of the vehicles built there are made for export. Last year, only three percent were sent outside of the country’s borders.

Honda and other Japanese manufacturers have begun investigating production facilities outside of the U.S. to combat the rising Yen, and Honda says that the company will begin producing
Fit models in Mexico for U.S. customers soon. According to
The New York Times, Honda may be reticent to test the American waters with a Chinese-built vehicle for fear of risking the company’s reputation for quality and reliability. That’s despite the fact that the company says Chinese-built Fit models are held to the same production quality standards as any Honda vehicle built elsewhere in the world.

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