First GM ignition switch trial dismissed

Robert Scheuer has agreed to dismiss his ignition switch claims against
General Motors to bring a sudden stop to the first federal trial over the automaker’s faulty parts. The lawsuit was the first of six cases that were a bellwether to set a precedent in the complaints. Scheuer didn’t receive any financial settlement from
GM, according to

Scheuer alleged
that he was injured when his 2003
Saturn Ion went off the road and hit the tree. The
airbag didn’t deploy, which Scheuer claimed was the result of the faulty ignition switch. GM originally attempted to dismiss the trial over a lack of evidence, but US District Judge Jesse Furman set a January 11 start date for the case.

During the trial, GM’s attorneys accused Scheuer and his wife of lying and presented evidence of an allegedly altered check stub that they used to purchase a house. Scheuer’s defense had claimed that the family was evicted from the home after memory loss from the accident caused Robert to lose the down payment check.

After the allegations, Furman pushed for a settlement. He called the trial an «outlier» and «almost worthless as a bellwether case,» according to
Bloomberg. The next of the six trials begins in March,
Reuters reports.

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