Fisker delaying Surf, Sunset models, unless you’ve got the cash…

Remember when
Fisker Automotive
denied that the
Surf – the wagon version of the
Karma – was delayed? Yeah, you can forget that, apparently.

A reader named Dennis posted
this to the
Fisker Buzz forums – «I was told that Fisker is willing to build Surfs one-off for anyone willing to pay $200K» – and we thought that was interesting enough to ask for an official response. Guess what? It’s kind of true. Roger Ormisher, Fisker’s senior director of global corporate communications and PR, told
AutoblogGreen that:

The Surf is currently on the back burner as we finalize our plans to bring Atlantic to market. That is the number one focus here at Fisker as the volume of that model is key to our long-term success.
There is no official plan to build the Surf at this stage as an assembly plant volume variant, so the only option available is as a modified, bespoke or custom build Karma. If someone came along with a big enough checkbook, we are always open to discussions

Our friends at Green Car Reports
found out that the Surf
and the
Sunset models are taking a back seat to the
Atlantic. And we’re sure that
dealing with the latest recall tops the To Do list. Still, who’s interested in getting their own special one-off Fisker?

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