Flip-up Jaguar hood makes overtaking difficult at Goodwood

One of the things about Goodwood Revival that really sticks with you is that the classic racing cars are really driven hard there. It’s never a slow parade around the track, but instead the vintage Ferraris and Jaguars really battle each other, metal against metal, lap after lap. The result is often scraped and bent sheetmetal, no matter how pricelessly valuable the vintage cars are.

This clip, shared on the
Goodwood Road & Racing YouTube channel, really shows the attitude that makes Goodwood what it is. Rob Huff, in a fixed-roof E-type, is chasing after Nigel Greensall in an E-type Roadster in the Kinrara Trophy race, and man, he really wants to get past. The problem is that every time the nose of Huff’s Jaguar gently taps the rear quarter of the white Jaguar, the car’s large hood wants to flip up and obscure the view, making overtaking even harder than it already is. Clearly Greensall doesn’t want to let Huff ahead of him all that easily.

We can only imagine how much work it takes to keep a classic Jaguar like that pointing in the right direction on a slightly wet track, let alone driving blind on a racecourse due to a massive clamshell hood in the way. At least we get a view of the XK six-cylinder engine.

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