Ford official shoots down Fiesta RS rumors

Ford has no intention of giving enthusiasts a Fiesta RS, according to Tyrone Johnson, chief engineer at Ford Performance, who bluntly dismissed the hotter model in an interview with Australia’s CarAdvice.

«In terms of Fiesta RS, I have seen some comments from senior Ford people that it’s definitely not in the plan. Typically we don’t talk about future products but in that particular one there has been some comments that it’s definitely not in the plan,» Johnson said to CarAdvice.

To make doubly sure, Autoblog asked Ford spokesperson Matt Leaver about the RS. «At this time, there are no plans for it,» he said. Leaver also gave further support to Johnson’s statement by telling us, «if that’s what Tyrone said, it’s likely true.»

Rumors about the new Fiesta RS started in very early 2014, and spy shots from March 2015 (above) seemed to confirm them, considering the mule’s flared fenders and revised front end. Later reports indicated the meaner Fiesta could arrive in 2017 with 250 horsepower from a tuned 1.6-liter EcoBoost to spin the front wheels.

Even though a Fiesta RS doesn’t seem to be in the cards, American hot hatch lovers shouldn’t fret too much. After all, we are getting the 350 hp, AWD Focus RS this Spring.

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