Ford Racing Shows Off Supercharger For 5.0 At Woodward Cruise

The newest addition to the Mustang stable is a 2.3-liter twin-screw supercharger made specifically for the 2011 5.0-liter V-8 TiVCT engine. Slapping the air-to-liquid intercooled blower on top of the new mill boosts power up to 624 horses and torque to 536 pound-feet.

You won’t get the full bounty of all that power until 6,900 rpm, however. That’s just 100 rpm short of redline, meaning that unlike many forced induction engines, particularly supercharged ones, the new setup for the Mustang doesn’t run out of steam at the top end.

Max torque is available at a more comfortable 4,700 rpm, and we’d expect the dyno charts (not yet released) to show the curve is more of a plateau that rises quickly in the lower revs.

Ford Racing is pretty stoked about the addition, with George Goddu saying at the Woodward Dream Cruise unveiling of the new unit, «Superchargers are the ultimate in power upgrades for Mustang enthusiasts…we are able to offer a top-notch supercharger, induction kit and the optimum calibration.  This results in great power, drivability and durability.»

For those that don’t need the full 624-horsepower monty–or want more, there are three levels available: a 525-horsepower kit, the 624-horsepower kit, and a tuner kit for racing and «extreme enthusiasts.»

Prices start from $7,199 for the black 525-horse unit, move to $7,499 for the 624-horsepower ‘charger, and back down to $6,499 for the tuner kit, which does away with the Ford Racing ProCal tool and performance calibration. Getting any of the kits with a polished chrome supercharger adds $600 to the price.


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