Ford to ship some replacement Bronco hard tops, complete cars this week

Ford will begin shipping some 2021 Bronco molded-in-color hard tops to dealers this week, along with some completed vehicles, the company said Tuesday. 

The Detroit Free Press reports that Ford will ship replacement tops for models previously sold with the earlier, defective design along with some completed Broncos. The pace of both replacement top and completed vehicle deliveries should increase as the weeks go on. 

«We’ll be continuing to ramp that up to replace the roofs on vehicles currently being held needing the new roof,» Ford Marketing boss Mark Grueber told the outlet. 

This is the solution Ford promised back in August when dealers were informed that the company was working to secure replacement hardtops for those customers who either had a vehicle delivered with a defective top or were still awaiting delivery due to the production hang-ups associated with sourcing the components for it. 

Vehicles that had already been built but not yet delivered have been held for the replacement parts, which is why there are a bunch of seemingly finished Broncos sitting in parking lots. Vehicles that were scheduled to be built are on delay, because existing tops had to be replaced before production continued.

The story cautions owners to remain patient, however, as it appears Ford does not yet have adequate supply in place to cover all existing customers and it will likely take time for these units to arrive in dealerships and be prepped. Customer cars waiting to be fitted with the new tops will also need to be subjected to a final fit/leak test. 

In other words, don’t call Ford; they’ll call you.

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