GM expects Chevrolet Volt production to top 60,000

General Motors has high hopes for its upcoming Volt plug-in hybrid car and is expecting to build over 60,000 units in its first year of production. This level of production will allow GM to price the Volt under $30,000, a crucial factor for the car’s success and something that execs are well aware about.

People working on the project are wary that the car’s main rival, Toyota’s Prius, is priced from just over $22,000 but the new Volt will have the ability to run on electric power alone for. Developers hope to make this petrol-free range up to 40 miles, eliminating the need for fuel stations. Unfortunately, consultants such as Menahem Anderman from Oregon House see the 60,000 target as “totally ridiculous,” reports Bloomberg.

One of the problems is the high expense of the advanced rechargeable batteries. To avoid this GM execs are considering introducing a battery rental scheme, which could allow the car to reach the sub-$30,000 price point.

GM Volt Concept

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