Greener Mini MK2 arriving in August

We previously reported that it would take BMW 6 months to add fuel saving technologies to the Mini MK2, but today the company announced that all Mini models would get the changes by August, only three months away. With the changes, the MINI Cooper D will be capable of returning an astonishing 72.4mpg, with CO2 emissions of just 104g/km.

The three main technologies used include brake energy regeneration, automatic start-stop, and switch point display. The latter feature works by helping drivers of manual transmission MINIs to select the most economical gear in which to drive. The engine management system analyses speed, road situation and accelerator pedal position and based on this data calculates optimum gearing. The ideal gear is then displayed by number in the cockpit display.

Fuel economy improvements range from 6.5% for the Mini One to 12.8% for the Cooper D. Despite the reductions, the Cooper D is the only car in the range that remains under 120g/km.

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