Here’s how people spec’d their C7 Corvettes in 2014

The Z51 option pack was hugely popular full-stop, with a total of 21,105 examples in all bodystyles ordered.

For its first year out of the gate, the
2014 Chevrolet C7 Corvette Stingray did very well for itself, selling 37,288 units worldwide with 34,678 of the new
sports cars hitting the market in the US alone. In fact, the total number was one of
the best figures for the Corvette in the modern era. But
the full breakdown of all the 2014 C7’s sales data has hit the web from
The National Corvette Museum blog, and it has given us the chance to be nosy and find out what people really want from this latest model.

Individually, buyers seemed to really want some extra performance from their new Vette, because the coupe with the Z51 package was the most popular model, with 15,431 made (41.4 percent), followed by the standard coupe with 11,134 built (29.9 percent). The Z51 option pack was hugely popular full-stop, with a total of 21,105 examples in all bodystyles ordered with its added performance pieces – that’s 56.6 percent of the year’s production. If anything, we’re surprised the bargain-priced grouping didn’t net an even higher percentages.

Despite people clearly wanting performance, customers’ transmission preferences unsurprisingly skewed towards automatics. The six-speed auto had 24,088 orders (64.6 percent), while the remaining 13,200 were seven-speed manuals. When the
‘Vette was closer to launch, the seven-speed represented about 38 percent of the production, so it only fell a few percent over the entire model year.

Interestingly, some options were practically a universal choice among buyers. Some 31,173 cars (83.6 percent) had the box for the optional performance exhaust ticked. Also, 30,427 people (81.6 percent) ponied up for navigation.

When shopping for
colors, customers really wanted to own a little red Corvette. Torch Red was the most popular paint shade with 7,197 made. In fact, it, Arctic White and Black were the three most popular hues, representing 51.7 percent of total orders. The least wanted was Lime Rock Green with just 1,566 sold, and
it has been discontinued for the 2015 model year.

These details are just scratching the surface at all of the info to be gleaned from this data. Check out the
The National Corvette Museum blog for the full table.

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