Honda Civic overtakes Toyota Corolla as America’s best-selling compact

The battle to claim October’s best-selling compact sedan title has been won by the
Honda Civic. The Japanese four-door sold 27,328 units, leaving the
Toyota Corolla – September’s title holder – in its wake with 23,637 units sold. In terms of year-to-date sales, the
Civic sits at 280,899 units, with the
Corolla trailing at 257,184 vehicles.

Sitting in third place, separated by a significant gap from the leaders, is the
Chevrolet Cruze with 16,087 units sold. The
Ford Focus earned fourth, with 15,108 units moved out of showrooms. (It is interesting to note that while the Civic and Corolla have both enjoyed double-digit sales increases year-over-year, the
Cruze and Focus have seen significant decreases during the same period.)

Sales of the
Hyundai Elantra hit 14,876 units, putting it in fifth place, with the
Volkswagen Jetta earning sixth place with 11,710 units. Rounding out the ten top sellers were the
Nissan Sentra (8,399 units),
Mazda3 (7,647 units),
Dodge Dart (5,617 units) and
Subaru Impreza/
WRX (4,923 units). The
Kia Forte (4,706 units) and
Volkswagen Golf (2,249 units), eleventh and twelfth respectively, have fallen behind.

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