Honda may build Fit in U.S. to meet spiking demand

The vagaries of the automotive market in the current economic situation are such that while some models, and even entire brands, sell poorly, some individual cars are going gangbusters. Thanks to its solid positioning as a functional, cute, inexpensive and efficient hatchback plus Honda’s reputation for reliability, the Fit (Jazz to the rest of the world) is doing quite well in the U.S. – so well that Honda may have to find new ways to boost supply.

The current stockpile of Fits for the U.S. would last just 19 days if not replenished, and that figure is «much too low» according to Dan Bonawitz, Honda’s vice president of corporate planning and logistics, reports MarketWatch. «We can’t fill all our dealer orders,» said Bonawitz.

In order to bring supply up to dealer demand levels, Honda is now «considering all options» including possibly building the Fit in the U.S. Honda’s flexible supply chain has already allowed it to shift production from slow-selling models to more core products, such as the Civic.

Even as Honda’s overall sales dropped 28% in October, along with the rest of the industry, the Fit rose by the same percentage.

2009 Honda Fit

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