Honda may recall up to 1M vehicles for airbag issue, following Toyota’s lead

It seems
Toyota won’t be the only one
recalling the faulty
airbag inflators for long.
Honda insiders in
Japan claim that the company is getting close to announcing its own worldwide campaign that would begin before the end of June.

Unnamed sources close to
Honda in Japan tell
Automotive News that
the company is pursuing an internal investigation into possibly affected models and is working with
Takata to gather more information. They claim that it could involve even more than the
1.14 million cars worldwide that the automaker covered under the first recall for the problem in April 2013, including 561,000 vehicles in the US.

Toyota jumpstarted this process last week when it
recalled over 2 million cars worldwide, including
844,277 in the US. Soon after, the
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration began a
preliminary evaluation into the issue following six reported incidents, and started assembling data about potentially affected models from Toyota, Honda,
NHTSA also began investigating
Takata itself.

The safety hazard comes into play because it’s possible that the inflators contain an improper propellant that could cause it to burst in an accident. Not only does this affect airbag deployment, in some cases the shrapnel hits occupants too. So far, all six reported incidents to NHTSA have occurred in high humidity areas like Florida and Puerto Rico.

Autoblog reached out to Honda for confirmation of the report and was sent the following statement by email: «Honda is aware that the NHTSA has initiated a Preliminary Evaluation involving a variety of manufacturers with models equipped with airbag modules supplied by Takata. Honda will cooperate with the NHTSA through the investigation process and will continue our own internal review of the available information.»

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