Honda Mid-Engine Sports Car To Pack 1.5-Liter Turbo, Hybrid System: Report

Honda’s dealers have been pleading for an exciting, sporty car ever since the demise of the S2000. It appears their pleas have not gone unnoticed as Honda is working on a new sports car to help fill the void.

Earlier in the year patent drawings filed by Honda for a mid-engine sports car concept hit the web. They confirmed that Honda was at least considering the car. Now, Auto Express has managed to dig up some details on a production version.  

According to the British mag, the car will arrive on the market in calendar year 2018 and feature styling remarkably similar to the concept version shown in the patent drawings, just as Acura’s NSX supercar stayed true to the lines of its own series of concepts.

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A hybrid powertrain is planned, though rather than adopt the Civic Type R’s 2.0-liter turbo engine for the internal combustion component as previously speculated the new Honda sports car is now expected to come with a 1.5-liter turbo. Working with an electric motor, peak output should come close to 300 horsepower.

There will reportedly be some Formula One-inspired technology too, most likely in the powertrain department since Honda’s currently serving as an engine builder rather than a constructor in F1. Unfortunately, we also hear that there won’t be an open-top version, so it shouldn’t really be considered a successor to the S2000. This makes sense as the new Honda sports car will likely be more expensive than the S2000.

As touched upon in the intro, part of the reason for launching the car is to mollify U.S. Honda dealers who, unlike their counterparts in other markets, don’t get a halo car. The NSX is sold as a Honda outside the U.S., but as an Acura here (and also in China).

Given that American focus, it perhaps wouldn’t be surprising if the car was built alongside the bigger model in Ohio. That’s reportedly one option Honda is considering, along with the Yokkaichi, Japan, plant that currently builds three mid-engined models—the S660 sports car, and Vamos and Acty vans.


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