Hot Wheels course winds through house, pool, and backyard

Hot Wheels cars have a magical ability to bring out the inner kids in us, though one could argue a good real car can have the same effect. A real car can’t zip though a house, pool, backyard and putt a golfball into a hole, though, without incurring some real damage.

In a recent video by YouTubers Dude Perfect, a series of Hot Wheels cars are launched down a long, homemade track. They pass household items such a Target bag, piano, and under a sofa, before heading outside into a sprawling yard. There, leaf blowers are positioned to push the car, though with the many sound effects added into the minute-long video we’re not certain they actually propel the Hot Wheels forward.

The actual course is pretty straightforward, considering the wide variety of loops and turns available from Hot Wheels, but there are two main tricks. One is when the car has to navigate an actual water hazard on the track, and the second is when the first car knocks a domino over, triggering a chain reaction that launches a second car vertically, which activates a third car that finishes the journey.

Incidentally, the Hot Wheels used for the majority of the video is called the Zoom In and was designed to work with a GoPro camera.

The rest of the video might not be that enthralling except for the many timed events happening just as the car passes by, such as a bottle flip, or radio controlled cars and drone escorting the Hot Wheels. Dude Perfect is known for making seemingly one-in-a-million trick shots look easy (though it’s not clear how long it took to set them up). There are also several other toys making cameos, like Woody from «Toy Story,» a «Star Wars» X-Wing fighter, and a Lego castle. It’s no Honda «Cog,» but it still makes us want to break out the orange track.

h/t to The Drive.

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