Hot Wheels’ Twitter-enabled vending machine coughs up free Camaro diecasts

There are still plenty of companies that haven’t gotten the whole social media thing down pat yet, but
Hot Wheels isn’t one of them. During the recent Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto, Hot Wheels created a lot of buzz for itself by using a vending machine filled with
Chevrolet Camaro models, but instead of money to get the
cars, show attendees just had to use Twitter.

To get the free car, people were asked to send a tweet to Hot Wheels Canada saying what they liked about the new
Hot Wheels Edition Camaro, and including the #ChevyCIAS hashtag. This seemed to be a popular marketing tool, too, as
AdWeek reports that the
@HotWheelsCanada account more than tripled in followers during the course of the 10-day show. Looking ahead, this could open up even more innovative marketing possibilities using social media.

Check out the video posted
below to watch how it works, and while the
auto show has ended and the free-car giveaway has too, we’re almost certain that some of the 1,500 freebies will make their way onto eBay.

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