Hyundai Sonata Roams The Red Carpet With Jessica Biel, Eva Mendes, Rachel Weisz

Jessica Biel and Eva Mendes

Jessica Biel and Eva Mendes

On Wednesday, we told you about Volkswagen’s «See Film Differently» film project. Now Hyundai has decided to align itself with movie buffs by sponsoring three film screenings called Glamour Reel Moments. 

Glamour Reel Moments is an ongoing project of Glamour magazine, and over five years, it’s given actresses like Gwynneth Paltrow, Kirsten Dunst, and Jennifer Aniston the chance to try their hand at directing. (Sadly, it wasn’t enough to get Gwynnie to give up GOOP.) According to the website: «Glamour Reel Moments is an award-winning short film series inspired by Glamour readers’ real life moments. Glamour Reel Moments is responsible for launching 17 directorial debuts by some of the most powerful women in Hollywood over the past five years—and counting.»

Earlier this week, the series hosted screenings of three short films by Jessica Biel, Eva Mendes, and Rachel Weisz. We missed the big shindig — the step-and-repeat, the paparazzi, the varied assortment of LBDs — but that’s okay, because we don’t really have enough miles saved up to squeeze out a trip to LA, and as it turns out, the films are all online anyway.

Here’s the one directed by Ms. Mendes, called California Romanza. It start Christina Ricci, Kathy Nijimy, and, at the tip-top, the Hyundai Sonata. It’s significantly better than its Lifetime-Movie-Of-The-Week description would lead you to believe: «Lena heads to her Auntie JoJo and Uncle Pop’s for the annual Christmas time festivities. The search for the missing family cat will lead to a Christmas they wont soon forget!»

Must. Fire. Copywriter. Now.

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Presented by Hyundai, the Series of Short Films Written and Directed by Women in Hollywood 
Premiered Monday Night at Director’s Guild of America

WHO: Jessica Biel (Glamour Reel Moments Director, Sodales), Eva Mendes (Glamour Reel Moments Director, California Romanza), Demi Moore (2008 Glamour Reel Moments Director),Rosemary DeWitt (Actress, The Thief), Ron Livingston, Kathy Najimy (Actress, California Romanza), Joel Edgerton (Actor, The Thief), Julie McNiven (Actress, Sodales), Troy Garity (Actor, California Romanza), Danielle MacDonald (Actress, The Thief), Emily Skinner (Actress, Sodales), Tyler Wilkins (Actress, Sodales), William Wackermann  (Executive Producer, Senior Vice President and Publishing Director of Glamour), Leslie Russo (Executive Producer and Associate Publisher of Glamour), Monique Kumpis (Manager, Advertising, Hyundai Motor America), Kevin Chinoy (Producer, Freestyle), Francesca Silvestri (Producer, Freestyle), Sean C. Wright (Glamour Reel Moments Winner, Sodales), Jennifer Hibbs (Glamour Reel Moments Winner, California Romanza), Erica Horvath (Glamour Reel Moments Winner, The Thief) and more!

 Monday night, Glamour Reel Moments Presented by Hyundai celebrated its 5th anniversary with Jessica Biel, Eva Mendes and Rachel Weisz* making their directorial debuts! All three films were screened to a packed theater at Directors Guild of America in Los Angeles. Glamour Reel Moments is a series of three short films based on real women’s stories, written by actual Glamour readers. Glamour Reel Moments has empowered women in film by creating opportunities for them to step behind the camera and bring inspiring stories to life.  Glamour Reel Moments Presented by Hyundai supports FilmAid International, an organization that uses the power of film to promote social change, strengthen communities and enrich the lives of people around the world. Beginning October 26th, the films can be seen at

Short films that premiered last night:
·       Sodales – Directed by Jessica Biel and starring Emily Skinner and Tyler Wilkins. The film’s message is inspired by Sean C. Wright and tells the story of two warrior princesses who are in the fight of their lives, battling an evil leader for the sacred key that secures their freedom.  All is going according to plan…until Mom shows up. 
·       California Romanza – Directed by Eva Mendes and starring Christina Ricci, Kathy Najimy, Troy Garity and Daniel Stern. The film is inspired by Jennifer Hibbs and is about Lena who heads to her Auntie JoJo and Uncle Pop’s for the annual Christmas time festivities.  The search for the missing family cat will lead to a Christmas they won’t soon forget!
·      The Thief – Directed by Rachel Weisz and starring Rosemary DeWitt and Joel Edgerton.  The film is inspired by Erica Horvath and tells the story of a thief who enters a house desperately looking for money, but finds something more valuable.

*Please note – 
Director of “The Thief,” Rachel Weisz, was unable to attend the premiere, but the film was screened.

An intimate after party at Chateau Marmont was attended by Jessica BielJustin TimberlakeEva MendesDemi MooreKathy NajimyKirsten Smith (2008 Glamour Reel Moments Director), Troy GarityAnna Ferris (2008 Glamour Reel Moments Actress), and Rosemary DeWitt.

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