Jay Leno drives James Bond’s new Aston Martin DB10

With only ten examples made exclusively for use in the latest
James Bond movie, the
Aston Martin DB10 is exceedingly rare. So we counted ourselves as fortunate to have
seen one up close at Pebble Beach this past summer, and another on a recent visit to the UK. But
Jay Leno has done one better.

For the latest episode of
Jay Leno’s Garage, the former talk show host and consummate car collector had Aston’s design chief Marek Reichman stop by with one of the DB10s built for the filming of
Spectre, which will hit theaters in
just a few weeks. Reichman and company actually let the denim-clad celebrity drive the thing on the open roads around his warehouse. That’s something that only a few people (namely Daniel Craig and his stunt doubles) usually get to do. Fortunately, Leno being the world-class showman that he is, he and his crew caught the whole experience on video, and you can see the results in the sixteen-minute installment above.

Of course this isn’t the first Aston that Leno has had by the garage and driven. Nor is it even the rarest, for that matter, having
previously hosted the one-of-a-kind CC100 speedster concept almost exactly two years ago. But as far as harbingers of things to come, the DB10 will likely go down in history as a turning point for the company, which is on the verge of launching a whole new lineup based on new architecture and components and with a new design language previewed by the vehicle you see here.

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