Jim Glickenhaus team gets Ferrari Pininfarina Modulo driving

About four years after
Road & Track reported Jim Glickenhaus bought the
Pininfarina Ferrari Modulo, it’s finally become roadworthy. The European team tasked with making the futuristic concept a driving car took it for a short spin, and they got it on camera. You can check it out below:

As you can see, the Modulo is a seriously crazy car. It was built by Pininfarina in the early 1970s, and its low, wedge shape is still striking today. It has all kinds of wild features, too, such as the faired-in wheels and tires, the slender red band that encircles the body, the sliding roof to access the interior. Even the interior has a strange cylindrical steering wheel, and controls on rotating domes that wouldn’t look out of place in a conference room on the Death Star. And the engine has lovely translucent air horns over the carburetors that we’re pleased to see are still on the car.

It’s a phenomenal looking car, and we’re excited that Glickenhaus is making it into a drivable car to enjoy and be seen. Hopefully when it’s done, he’ll make a tribute video of it like this eerie, moody promotional video from when the concept was new:

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